First Impressions: HTC Hero

My HTC Hero arrived yesterday from Clove (I’ve had my last two handsets from them and have found them to provide great service, and they have an interesting blog). The device itself is very nice in the hand. I know some reviews have included concerns about the button layout (the back button specifically), but I think it’s fine. I can see why some reviews have complained that the device is sluggish, but again, I think it’s fine. The screen is very nice and it certainly doesn’t show up fingerprints as much as many I’ve seen. A couple of things about the initial setup of … Continue reading First Impressions: HTC Hero

Windows 7 may ship with IE in Europe after all

It seems that there may be agreement between the European Commission and Microsoft to Windows 7 being released in Europe with Internet Explorer 8 present, but with consumers being offered a “ballot screen” which would allow them to simply select from a list of other web browsers. This would set the chosen browser as default and disable Internet Explorer. This would mean that the issues that I discussed in my previous post about Windows 7 E would go away as the versions of Windows 7 shipped in Europe would share the same functionality as the rest of the world out of … Continue reading Windows 7 may ship with IE in Europe after all

Directory of PowerShell User Groups

[UPDATE] I decided to setup a seperate page for this directory so that it doesn’t get lost in the mists of time. You can get to that directly at I won’t be making any further updates to this post, but I will keep that page as up to date as possible. The announcement of the creation of the new Upstate New York PowerShell Users Group made me wonder if there was a list somewhere of all the worldwide PowerShell user groups and script clubs. Since one didn’t jump out at me from Bing or Google, I thought I’d make one (which … Continue reading Directory of PowerShell User Groups

Windows 7 E

[UPDATE] Microsoft is scrapping the E editions of Windows 7. See this post for details. Now I’m sure you’ve heard this news before reading this, but in case you haven’t prepare to be shocked and bemused… Following on from various wrangling and threats of fines after a complaint to the European Union from browser maker Opera about Microsoft’s bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows being anti-competitive, Microsoft has stated that it will release special E editions of the different Windows 7 versions in Europe. Windows 7 E editions will not contain a web browser, and unlike the old N (which didn’t contain Windows Media … Continue reading Windows 7 E