Where to start with PowerShell – Christmas 2009 edition

I’ve been working with PowerShell for a good while now, but for the millions of people who haven’t dipped their toes into it, where should you start? I posted a list of resources back in March, but as of writing this in December 2009 there are loads more great resources to help you get up to speed. All of the items that I’m listing here are free too! Ebooks It doesn’t do any harm to do a bit of reading before diving in to PowerShell and these are great places to get some background and start learning. The first one is a great book … Continue reading Where to start with PowerShell – Christmas 2009 edition

First Look at Office 2010

If you’re looking forward to the release of Office 2010 next summer (and let’s face it, who isn’t?!), then you probably already know about the availability of the public beta. If you’ve tried it, then it would be great if you could share your favourite features in the comments for others to share in your experience. My personal favourite feature (so far – there are some things that I’m looking forward to trying in Outlook in conjunction with Exchange 2010, when we have that running) is the Backstage view in all the applications. This is the bit that you access … Continue reading First Look at Office 2010

I wish Microsoft hadn’t discontinued these products…

Now I’m not the sort to get sentimental over software. In fact the opposite is usually true. Something newer and more shiny comes along and I forget about all the old stuff. I can’t think of many long-gone products that I wish would come back, software or otherwise. However, I got thinking about this over the weekend when I was using one of my favourite applications that Microsoft has ever produced. Digital Image Suitewas a photo editor, which had previously gone by the name Picture It!, along with image library management. The reason that I liked it so much was that … Continue reading I wish Microsoft hadn’t discontinued these products…

9th December, Newcastle: Windows Azure – What’s In The Cloud

Microsoft’s Simon Davies will look at what Windows Azure provides, how to use it and some of the common usage scenarios. This session will cover some of the new details of which were announced at the Professional Developers Conference in November.   Venue: Room 118, Claremont Tower, Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 7RU, GB Time: 18:45 Price: FREE   To register: – http://www.vbug.co.uk/Events/December-2009/VBUG-NEWCASTE-Windows-AZURE–Whats-In-The-Cloud.aspx