Learn about PowerShell’s utility cmdlets at the UK User Group’s February Live Meeting

Whenever I’m helping anyone get started with PowerShell, I’m always telling them about these cmdlets: Get-Help, Get-Command, Get-Member and Get-PSDrive – they let you discover and learn about the system and PowerShell. The next set of cmdlets that you’d better get familiar with are the ones that keep cropping up all the time when you’re doing real work in PowerShell: Compare-ObjectForEach-ObjectGroup-ObjectMeasure-ObjectNew-ObjectSelect-ObjectSort-ObjectTee-ObjectWhere-Object In the February Live Meeting of the UK PowerShell User Group, PowerShell MVP Richard Siddaway is going to cover these cmdlets in a session accessible to beginners, but possibly with the odd surprise for experts. The session is on Tuesday … Continue reading Learn about PowerShell’s utility cmdlets at the UK User Group’s February Live Meeting

Podcast apps on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 has native support for audio and video podcasts, and frankly it would totally remove the need for 3rd party podcast client apps if it didn’t require new episodes to be downloaded via the Zune software on a PC and synched to the phone. Microsoft know that people want to be able to access podcasts over the air (it has been mentioned on the Windows Phone podcast that they are looking at it as a possible future development), but until they do something about it, there is a market for app developers to do something to alleviate the … Continue reading Podcast apps on Windows Phone 7

PowerShell UK User Group with Ed Wilson

Next Tuesday, January 11th, the Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson is presenting a session over Live Meeting for the PowerShell UK User Group on best practices for developing PowerShell scripts… Learn Windows PowerShell best practices as they apply to each stage of the script development lifecycle. See the differences between working interactively from the Windows PowerShell prompt, writing an inline script, adding basic function, advanced functions and finally the implementation of Windows PowerShell Modules. What is a local best practice for Windows PowerShell development is not the same as a global best practice, and this talk covers those differences. Details … Continue reading PowerShell UK User Group with Ed Wilson

Act now to catch Amazon’s 12 Days of Kindle

I don’t own Amazon’s best selling Kindle device (although I’d be happy to own one), but I do have the Kindle app on Windows, Android and Windows Phone 7. I’ve downloaded a handful of free titles of classic literature and a couple of full prices ebooks. Having just installed the newly released app on Windows Phone 7* today, I had another look at the Kindle Store on Amazon.co.uk and was glad that I did because they’re currently running a promotion with a selection of Kindle editions for only a pound each. I picked up five. The promotion only runs until … Continue reading Act now to catch Amazon’s 12 Days of Kindle