NEBytes July event: SharePoint, IIS Media Services 4

This month NEBytes has teamed up with the SharePoint User Group UK – Simon Tyler is presenting on SharePoint Best Practices, and NEBytes’ own Andrew Westgarth will be covering IIS Media Services 4. The event will be held in Claremont Tower, Newcastle University on Wednesday 20th July at 18:30, and is sponsored by ffA. For further details, and to register, head over to Eventbrite.

Using PowerShell to calculate vSphere 5 licenses

Users of VMware will likely be aware of the change to the licensing model for vSphere 5 (if not, they’re running some webinars), and I’m sure that a lot of organisations are busily calculating how that is going to affect them going forward. Hugo Peeters has produced a script using PowerShell and PowerCLI to calculate your vSphere 5 license requirements. Very handy. I’d suggest running Hugo’s script against your existing infrastructure, and if the results aren’t to your liking you might want to grab a 60 day eval of vCenter CapacityIQ to see whether you can get away with less … Continue reading Using PowerShell to calculate vSphere 5 licenses

Pre-staging Computers in Active Directory for WDS with PowerShell and Quest AD cmdlets

One of the most common issues when buidling computers with Windows Deployment Services (WDS, and RIS before that) are typos in the GUIDs used to net-boot the PCs. When you’re entering them by hand as you pre-stage the computer objects in Active Directory it’s very easy to make mistakes, especially when you’re entering a lot of them. It’s also extremely time consuming if you have to boot each machine to the point of PXE displaying the MAC and GUID – that’s why the smart move is to request that information from the supplier, preferably before they deliver the machines. Anyone … Continue reading Pre-staging Computers in Active Directory for WDS with PowerShell and Quest AD cmdlets

Free PowerShell books

Way back in December 2009 I wrote a post entitled Where to start with PowerShell which listed free resources, including a couple of ebooks. Well the PowerShell community has been busy since then, bringing the number of free ebooks on the subject up to 9. Jason Hofferle has helpfully compiled them into a single blog post: List of Free PowerShell eBooks These books are authored by some of the brightest and best names in PowerShell, so I can’t recommend them highly enough.