2012 PowerShell Scripting Games

Today the Microsoft Scripting Guys have officially announced the 2012 PowerShell Scripting Games. Long-time readers of this blog will know that every year I recommend taking part in the Scripting Games as a great way to learn PowerShell through completing some real-world tasks. The exciting thing about this year’s games is that you can use a pre-release version of PowerShell v3 to take part, so even if you’re already familiar with PowerShell, you can challenge yourself to use some of the new features in your solutions. I’m definitely going to be taking part when the events start in April, and … Continue reading 2012 PowerShell Scripting Games

Imagine Cup North East

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been helping behind the scenes with Imagine Cup North East. If you’ve never heard or the Imagine Cup it’s an annual student competition run by Microsoft to build technology solutions to address real-world problems, and this year two great local organisations promoting digital industries, Codeworks and Sunderland Software City, have teamed up to run a regional heat. This week students from Newcastle, Northumbria, Sunderland, Durham and Teesside universities and local colleges will be attending taster and information events (in Newcastle and Middlesbrough), where Microsoft’s Ben Nunney will be on hand to discuss the … Continue reading Imagine Cup North East

What’s New in PowerShell v3 – the slides

This is the deck that I used at my presentation to the NEBytes user group last night. The audience was mixed IT pro/developer; 1/4 people who have used PowerShell to some degree; 2/3 had at least some awareness. The aim of the presentation was to show existing PowerShell users some of the exciting new features/directions, and persuade the rest that PowerShell has come of age and is a technology that they should be exploring. What’s New in PowerShell v3 and Introducing Script Explorer   At the end there was a discussion about books to help you get started with PowerShell. … Continue reading What’s New in PowerShell v3 – the slides

IE6 Migration Roadshow touring England

Please stop using IE6. If you haven’t yet, then you might want to attend one of these events. This comes direct from Microsoft… We are thrilled to extend the invitation to you to attend our series of Internet Explorer 6 Migration Roadshow events! With support for Windows XP coming to an end on the 8th April 2014 and IE6 standing in so many people’s way of migration, what better time to start taking the leap to a more modern browser? Problem applications are all too often the blocker, so Microsoft have teamed up with Camwood, Citrix Systems and Quest Software, all application compatibility experts, to … Continue reading IE6 Migration Roadshow touring England

Why I hope Windows 8 ARM tablets don’t have a full desktop

There has been a significant amount of speculation and rumour surrounding the existance of a full desktop experience on Windows 8 devices powered by ARM processors. These are the lower priced tablets that are going to exist in the same market as the iPad and various Android tablets, like those make by Samsung and Asus. Before anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with this has a panic, there’s going to be a normal Windows desktop on fully-fledged laptop and desktop PCs, but on tablets it makes less sense as a user interface. It’s not like you could just take your favourite … Continue reading Why I hope Windows 8 ARM tablets don’t have a full desktop

PowerShell v3 at NEBytes’ 2nd birthday

This month’s event marks 2 years since we started the North East Bytes user group and the start of what is bound to be an exciting year with some major new Microsoft products on the horizon. I’m happy to be able to give a presentation on the 18th January to talk about the “glue” that’s going to bind a lot of those things together. My session, “What’s New in PowerShell v3, and Introducing Script Explorer” aims to give some insight into what’s coming in the Windows 8 timeframe for those who have already started their PowerShell journey, and also to help … Continue reading PowerShell v3 at NEBytes’ 2nd birthday

Don’t believe the Mayans. 2012 is going to be good!

I’ve got mixed feelings about the year that just ended – 2011 had some real contrasts for me. I enjoyed more travel than any other year of my life, to Malaysia and Singapore twice, Ibiza, Florida and exotic Reading. I got to feed my theme park addiction at Universal Studios Singapore and all of the Disney, SeaWorld and Universal parks in Orlando, including the amazing Wizarding World of Harry Potter (I’d never seen any of the films until 3 weeks before I went; watched all 8 in the space of a week and loved them!). Unfortunately I was also the … Continue reading Don’t believe the Mayans. 2012 is going to be good!