Free ebook – Secrets of PowerShell Remoting

You wouldn’t have had to read too much of this blog to know that I’ve regularly recommended PowerShell books by Don Jones and Tobias Weltner. They’ve announced the availability of a new free ebook that they’ve co-authored, called Secrets of PowerShell Remoting. Remoting is one of the most powerful features of PowerShell, but it’s not necessarily the simplest area to understand. In Windows Server 2012, PowerShell remoting is enabled by default, so now is a good time to get up to speed. Head over to for the download links.

SkyDrive users – act now to keep 25GB for free

Microsoft have announced changes to Windows Live SkyDrive, introducing paid tiers of storage and reducing the free offering down to 7GB. Existing users can (for a limited time) login and hit a button to keep the 25GB that you currently have, for free. Go and do that now: Once you’ve done that, you might want to download the long-awated SkyDrive client applications that have been released for Mac and PC.

#UKITCamp PowerShell On-Ramp

At the IT Pro Camps in Edinburgh this week, we’re mentioning how PowerShell can help you with the managment of our three topic areas: Hyper-V, Private Clouds and Consumerisation (supporting BYOD scenarios). Now is a great time to get started with PowerShell, especially with its increased prevalence in Windows Server 2012 and some of the great improvements in PowerShell 3.0. For those just getting started, I’m encouraging everyone to get familiar with the following four cmdlets in particular: Get-Command finds all the commands (including aliases) and functions that are available to you in the current shell.Get-Member tells you about the … Continue reading #UKITCamp PowerShell On-Ramp