PowerShell Help Update

When PowerShell version 3 arrived, the news that there wouldn’t be any built-in help was initially met by a load of groans, since it had been one of the first things that anyone would tell you to look at when you’re trying to learn PowerShell. Since then, Microsoft has explained the problems with in-the-box help, and I think that most people have come round to thinking that updateable help is, on balance, the better option. This week we’re seeing the real-world benefits of that with the first significant update to the help. If you run PowerShell as administrator and run … Continue reading PowerShell Help Update

Windows 8 Arrives

Today marks general availability for Microsoft’s Windows 8 and also their Surface tablet running Windows RT. I’ve been using Windows 8 for some time and I do like it, but there is a learning curve and it does take a bit of getting used to. I just wanted to post a couple of links to help people get up to speed as quickly as possible… Firstly, for the absolute beginner, we have Joanna Stern’s 8 Things You Need to Know About Using Windows 8 on ABC News. Joanna does a good job of going throught the most important things you … Continue reading Windows 8 Arrives

PowerShell Plus goes free!

Idera’s award winning integrated devlopment environment PowerShell Plus has dropped the price tag and is now free for anyone to download and use. As well as being a great tool for writing scripts and running PowerShell interactively, it’s comes with a boat load of code snippets and built-in learning resources for beginners as well as advanced features for power users. This isn’t an ad, just a genuine recommendation – check out the full feature list and download PowerShell Plus now.

Office 2013 and Exchange RTM

I woke up this morning to the news that both Office 2013 and Exchange had reached RTM (Release to Manufacturing) status. I’ve been using the Office customer preview for a while, and I’m generally pretty pleased with it, so I’m certainly looking forward to being able to install the final version when it hits TechNet in mid-November. Generally I think that Office feels cleaner, and while I haven’t found many new features that I’m frequently using (except the handy way that text re-aligns in real-time around an image in Word, and the guidelines that help you line things up nicely), … Continue reading Office 2013 and Exchange RTM