My first couple of weeks with Surface RT

I didn’t pre-order a Microsoft Surface, much to the surprise of many who know me. I wanted to know more information than was available at launch. About a week later I’d heard enough to place an order, and I’ve now been carrying it around with me for enough time to give an opinion… OOBE & Setup   Let’s start at the beginning. The Surface has some nicely designed packaging, although nothing that I wouldn’t expect from a premium product. I especially like it when tape inside packaging has non-stick tabs at end, so you don’t have to start digging away at … Continue reading My first couple of weeks with Surface RT

Free Microsoft Tech Showcase Events

Microsoft has teamed up with some of its Microsoft Learning Partners to provide free first-look clinics covering Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2012, Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013, and Lync 2013. These events are happening all around the world, so you should hopefully find one near to you. I found out about these from a Microsoft UK blog that said they were being run “across the UK” – looking at the currently published list of events, “across the UK” is defined as London and Wokingham, so your mileage may vary. Still, it’s worth a journey because event offers … Continue reading Free Microsoft Tech Showcase Events

Time to move on from Windows XP

Just a reminder that we’re now inside 500 days until the end of support for Windows XP. I’m sure I don’t need to go into the reasons why your organisation doesn’t want to be running an OS that Microsoft doesn’t support anymore. If you aren’t ready to jump to Windows 8, then Windows 7 is a perfectly good step up from XP. Whatever you decide to upgrade to, just make sure you do it before 8th April 2014.

Win8/RT Tip: Make your Picture Password harder to guess

One of the nice things that Microsoft have done in Windows 8 and RT for people using a touchscreen, like on the Surface, is provide a new way of signing in with a Picture Password. They expain in a comprehensive post how secure it is, but in practice I believe that many users will reduce the level of security by too closely following Microsoft’s examples. What are the chances that a large percentage of Picture Password users select an image of family members or pets, or similar and then create their three gestures by circling heads and drawing dots on, or … Continue reading Win8/RT Tip: Make your Picture Password harder to guess

HTC Windows Phone 8X – Early Impressions

Last week I upgraded from a Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7.5 to the HTC Windows Phone 8X running Windows Phone 8. I’m not going to write a full review of the hardware or the OS, but I am going to brain-dump some initial thoughts on them both.  The Pros: Great screen – increased resolution really helps. Very responsive. Much better performance than Windows Phone 7. Could be the hardware or the OS, probably both. Changes to the home screen are good – I’m very happy with the increased data density. Camera is very decent (I don’t need it to … Continue reading HTC Windows Phone 8X – Early Impressions