HTC Windows Phone 8X – Early Impressions

Last week I upgraded from a Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7.5 to the HTC Windows Phone 8X running Windows Phone 8. I’m not going to write a full review of the hardware or the OS, but I am going to brain-dump some initial thoughts on them both.  The Pros: Great screen – increased resolution really helps. Very responsive. Much better performance than Windows Phone 7. Could be the hardware or the OS, probably both. Changes to the home screen are good – I’m very happy with the increased data density. Camera is very decent (I don’t need it to … Continue reading HTC Windows Phone 8X – Early Impressions

First Impressions: HTC Hero

My HTC Hero arrived yesterday from Clove (I’ve had my last two handsets from them and have found them to provide great service, and they have an interesting blog). The device itself is very nice in the hand. I know some reviews have included concerns about the button layout (the back button specifically), but I think it’s fine. I can see why some reviews have complained that the device is sluggish, but again, I think it’s fine. The screen is very nice and it certainly doesn’t show up fingerprints as much as many I’ve seen. A couple of things about the initial setup of … Continue reading First Impressions: HTC Hero