IE6 Migration Roadshow touring England

Please stop using IE6. If you haven’t yet, then you might want to attend one of these events. This comes direct from Microsoft… We are thrilled to extend the invitation to you to attend our series of Internet Explorer 6 Migration Roadshow events! With support for Windows XP coming to an end on the 8th April 2014 and IE6 standing in so many people’s way of migration, what better time to start taking the leap to a more modern browser? Problem applications are all too often the blocker, so Microsoft have teamed up with Camwood, Citrix Systems and Quest Software, all application compatibility experts, to … Continue reading IE6 Migration Roadshow touring England

Windows 7 E

[UPDATE] Microsoft is scrapping the E editions of Windows 7. See this post for details. Now I’m sure you’ve heard this news before reading this, but in case you haven’t prepare to be shocked and bemused… Following on from various wrangling and threats of fines after a complaint to the European Union from browser maker Opera about Microsoft’s bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows being anti-competitive, Microsoft has stated that it will release special E editions of the different Windows 7 versions in Europe. Windows 7 E editions will not contain a web browser, and unlike the old N (which didn’t contain Windows Media … Continue reading Windows 7 E