Elite: Dangerous

When I was a boy, my first introduction to computers was, like many people of my generation in the UK, on the BBC Micro. It was an excellent microcomputer that was perfect for use in schools because it was incredibly robust, very fast to boot and therefore to restart if you needed to, and simple to start programming in BBC BASIC. It was also home to Elite, which was not only one of the first game with 3D graphics, but also one of the first games with a massive open universe that you could explore and experience in a number of different … Continue reading Elite: Dangerous

My Post-E3 Game Shopping List

Around this time each year, after I’ve had a bit of a chance to digest the announcements from E3, watch all the trailers and play all the demos, I like to check out the release calendar and work out how much money I need to set aside to satisfy my need to play the latest and greatest video games, even though I haven’t got enough time to do any of them justice. First up, let me just say that if you’re excited to hear my recommendations for PS3 and Wii games, I’m sorry, but as much as I think Gran … Continue reading My Post-E3 Game Shopping List

First Impressions: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

I mentioned in my post about Battlefield 1943 last year that I have a long and happy association with the Battlefield series, although I managed to miss out on the first Bad Company game because of various other things in my life. That didn’t stop me being very excited to try out the multiplayer demo of Bad Company 2 when it hit Xbox Live a little while ago, and for the duration that it was running it stopped me playing Modern Warfare 2. My experience with the demo was enough for me to recommend it on this site, but now that … Continue reading First Impressions: Battlefield: Bad Company 2