Office 2010 presentation aftermath

On Wednesday evening at NEBytes, I did a presentation with Ben Lee (@Bibbleq) on Microsoft’s Office 2010 suite. Having spent part of the evening talking about Office Web Apps and multi-user authoring, it was really nice of Microsoft to announce another product launch to do all that stuff just as we finished up! is a new beta from Microsoft’s FUSE Labs using Office Web Apps and integrating into Facebook to for creation and sharing of documents. I haven’t got an invitation to use it yet, so can’t say much about how it works, but there are some videos that show it in action … Continue reading Office 2010 presentation aftermath

NEBytes / UK Tech Days events in April

Next month we’d already planned an event on the 3rd Wednesday as usual, when we had the opportunity to become part of Silverlight Geek, Jesse Liberty‘s tour of the UK & Ireland. It was too good a chance to pass up, so we’re doing the regular event and a special one-off… On Friday 19th April, Jesse will be joining us to deliver a session on “Building A Highly Extensible, Decoupled Silverlight Open Source Application with MEF and RIA Services using Lean, Test Driven Development, An International Team of Volunteer Programmers,  and lots of Advil.” This talk will use the Silverlight HyperVideo … Continue reading NEBytes / UK Tech Days events in April