Podcast apps on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 has native support for audio and video podcasts, and frankly it would totally remove the need for 3rd party podcast client apps if it didn’t require new episodes to be downloaded via the Zune software on a PC and synched to the phone. Microsoft know that people want to be able to access podcasts over the air (it has been mentioned on the Windows Phone podcast that they are looking at it as a possible future development), but until they do something about it, there is a market for app developers to do something to alleviate the … Continue reading Podcast apps on Windows Phone 7

Open, Closed, Fragmented – Fun and Games in the Mobile Space

This week Apple CEO, Steve Jobs – you know, the guy famous for sending brand new iPods to the rescued Chilean miners – took advantage of having an audience for their quarterly earnings call to have a good dig at Google and their Android OS. I’ve been an Android user in a love/hate relationship with Android for a while, but I’ve also had plenty experience with iOS and I’ve been keeping a very close eye on the development of Windows Phone 7. I’ve been meaning to do an opinion piece for a while on the state of the mobile market, … Continue reading Open, Closed, Fragmented – Fun and Games in the Mobile Space

What’s on my Android (part 1)

I regularly get people, who have recently got an Android phone, asking me what apps I’m running on my HTC Hero. Having recently done a cull of apps that I don’t use, I thought it was worth posting a list on here of what I use now, on Android 1.5, and why. News: News Buzz WidgetTech Buzz WidgetMobile Buzz WidgetGaming Buzz Widget – I’ll cover those four together since they’re basically the same, just with different news feeds. When I find myself with a moment to glance at the news, these widgets are really handy. I have the regular News on … Continue reading What’s on my Android (part 1)