PowerShell Web Access on the Windows Server 8 Beta

One of my favourite features of Windows Server 8 is Windows PowerShell Web Access. This essentially presents a basic PowerShell console over HTTPS, hosted by IIS8. When I get an email on my phone saying that a new support ticket has come into my team while I’m on the train commuting to/from the office, in lots of cases I can just launch PSWA on the phone and solve it pretty quickly. Microsoft have provided some fairly comprehensive documentation on the deployment process for PSWA at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh831611.aspx. It has changed significantly between the Developer Preview and the Beta, adding some cmdlets … Continue reading PowerShell Web Access on the Windows Server 8 Beta

NEBytes July event: SharePoint, IIS Media Services 4

This month NEBytes has teamed up with the SharePoint User Group UK – Simon Tyler is presenting on SharePoint Best Practices, and NEBytes’ own Andrew Westgarth will be covering IIS Media Services 4. The event will be held in Claremont Tower, Newcastle University on Wednesday 20th July at 18:30, and is sponsored by ffA. For further details, and to register, head over to Eventbrite.