Worst product names ever?

A while ago, I decided that EasyMock.NET wasn’t quite up to scratch, and I was going to try to write a replacement. I’m not doing much .NET development at the moment, so it’s not an issue any more (and when I go back to .NET I’ll look at Rhino Mocks which sounds promising). However, I did get as far as picking a name for the new project. I settled on PowerMock in the end, but went through a pun worthy of Simon Tatham first… Firstly, it would have to start with “N” wouldn’t it? NUnit, NCover etc… Well, what sounds … Continue reading Worst product names ever?

Bringing Subversion and Fitnesse together

I’ve recently started working with Subversion (a version control system) and FitNesse (the Fit acceptance testing framework based in a wiki). FitNesse has a primitive version control system built into it, where it builds zip files of previous versions of pages. It’s all a bit messy though, and it’s not likely to be the version control system used by the rest of your source code. Why wouldn’t you want your acceptance tests in the same repository you use for the rest of your source and tests? So, arming myself with JavaSVN (a pure Java Subversion client library) I went looking … Continue reading Bringing Subversion and Fitnesse together