Updated 7th August 2006 – It looks like closures aren’t meant to require K&R bracing after all. Hoorah! Examples changed appropriately. One of my tasks at work is to investigate new languages and technologies and report back what use we might make of them, where they fit in with what we’re doing, and generally what I think of them. Obviously some of this will be specific to Clearswift, but I’d like to make as much “insensitive” information available as possible. This post is my first “report” as such, on Groovy. What is Groovy? From the Groovy home page: Groovy is … Continue reading Groovy

Faith blog

I decided today that I could do with somewhere to dump random thoughts about my faith in the same way that I dump random thoughts about computing here. Clearly this isn’t the right place to do it, so I’ve set up a Faith Blog with Blogger. Some of you may be interested in it. Don’t let it bother you if not. This is the last you’ll hear about it unless there’s some topic which directly affects both areas.

MSDN Product Feedback Center – use it!

The Open Source community has known for ages that making it easy for users to file bugs and feature requests is a great way of making sure that not only are more bugs noticed, but that the bugs which actually annoy users take priority over those which never crop up in real life. For a little while now, MS has been doing the same – although the world can be forgiven for barely noticing. The MSDN Product Feedback Center isn’t exactly hidden in a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “Beware … Continue reading MSDN Product Feedback Center – use it!