Father of Three

I’m a dad again! Holly gave birth to Robin Peter (6lb 12oz) and William James (5lb 7oz) this morning at about 9.50. All are requiring a bit of TLC in different ways, but there’s nothing of any significant concern. Photos available from the twins’ web page.

PowerShell in Action

Every so often, I review books for publishers at various times before they hit the streets (anything from initial proposal to final review). The book I’ve been reviewing most recently is PowerShell in Action. (For those of you who didn’t see the news, PowerShell is the new name for Monad, the new object-oriented shell for Windows.) Now, I’m excited about PowerShell as a product, but I’m even more excited about the book. I’m a pretty harsh reviewer, and I can only think of about three books which I’ve reviewed and been really positive about throughout most of the review. This … Continue reading PowerShell in Action