Why development is still hard in 2006

Life has become considerably easier for developers over the years, particularly with the advent of managed code (or whatever the equivalent terminology is for Java). Memory usage is something which one only needs to be aware of rather than constantly being "in your face" in the way it tends to be in C. However, that doesn't mean that all is rosy, or that we can solely concentrate on actual business problems. I thought it might be worth a quick run-down of the problems I tend to find getting the way of more interesting work. In every case things have become … Continue reading Why development is still hard in 2006

Opening up the .NET framework source code

For a long time, I've believed that Microsoft should open up the source code to the .NET framework – at the very least, the managed parts of the standard library, and preferrably most/all of the unmanaged part of the framework and even the CLR itself. As Sun gradually works its way to making Java more fully open source, MS should at least make the source available to the same extent that Sun has made the Java standard libraries available for years. This is not the same as making the framework an Open Source project, of course. Reasons to open up … Continue reading Opening up the .NET framework source code