New blog, new project

I’ve started a new blog, which I’ll be sharing with a couple of colleagues. In brief, the idea is to try to do a “hobby” project as well as possible, the whole purpose being the learning experience. Rather than waffle on about it here, I’ll just refer you to the blog of the Quest for the Perfect Project. Hope it’s of some interest to some of you. Oh, and this blog will carry on as normal. 

Wii and MythTV: The future of my living room?

My Tivo has started playing up. A few months ago, it stopped padding programmes automatically like it used to (I haven’t investigated why – getting a console session on it is pretty tricky; it may well be a software update that removed the patch I’d put on) and now it glitches sometimes in a way that suggests the disk may be packing up. Likewise, my cheap DVD player is pretty rubbish, and needs replacing, and my Freeview receiver is far from perfect. I had been considering buying a spiffy DVD/HD recorder, and was probably going to start looking sometime in … Continue reading Wii and MythTV: The future of my living room?

Groovy 1.0 released

Groovy 1.0 has finally been released, and is available for download from the Groovy home page. For those of you who didn’t read my last blog post on it, Groovy is a dynamic language which runs on the Java platform and integrates very nicely with Java itself. What I haven’t advertised on this blog until now is that a month or so after starting with Groovy, I became involved in the Groovy in Action book. I won’t claim that I wrote a lot of it – more polishing and adding some introductory material, really. I’m still extremely proud of it, however, and … Continue reading Groovy 1.0 released