Why hasn’t Microsoft bought JetBrains yet?

For those of you who aren’t aware, JetBrains is the company behind IntelliJ IDEA, the Java IDE which I’ve heard amazing things about (I’ve tried it a couple of times but never got into it – I think I need an expert sitting beside me to point out the cool stuff as I go) and ReSharper, the incredibly useful (although somewhat resource hungry) add-in to Visual Studio that turns it into a respectable IDE.

What would happen if Microsoft bought JetBrains?

I’m sure that killing off the reportedly best Java IDE would do .NET no harm (even if it would be a fairly cruel thing to do, and still leave other perfectly good IDEs in the Java space), and surely they could use the ideas and experience of the company to improve Visual Studio significantly. I strongly suspect that tighter integration could make all the ReSharper goodness available with less performance overhead, and while it’s no doubt too late now, wouldn’t it have been wonderful for all of those features to be available in Orcas?

Anyway, just a thought.

3 thoughts on “Why hasn’t Microsoft bought JetBrains yet?

  1. yes jon, makes sense to me.

    resharper saves me at least a day a month in productivity…

    stop with the entity framework, testing frameworks and source contol when others clearly do a better job and make your workbench better by buying jetbrains….

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