Java isn’t an acronym

Just a quickie while I remember. A pet peeve of mine has surfaced again recently, while reading some CVs.

Java, the programming language, is just written “Java”. It’s not an acronym. There’s no need to write it as “JAVA”. That just looks shouty and somewhat silly. Why do so many people get it wrong? While we’re at it, why does it irritate me so much to see it written the wrong way?

7 thoughts on “Java isn’t an acronym

  1. If “Java” *was* an acronym — what would it spell? 🙂

    I suppose “v” could be “versatile” for the write-once-run-anywhere thing. But what about the rest of it?

  2. Perhaps it could stand for JAVA Applications Versatility Assured?

    I was going to mention the .Net one, but if you have a look on MSDN MS use .NET. No wonder know one knows 🙂

  3. Fabrice: You’re right, .NET isn’t an acronym (as far as I’m aware). It was also a terrible choice when it comes to discussing .NET, as it looks awful when you start a sentence with it. However, as Ian pointed out, MS uses .NET all in capitals so it’s reasonable to do so ourselves. I can’t remember ever seeing Sun put Java all in capitals…


  4. The .NET name was an unfortunate choice for several reasons. The first one being the difficulty to search for .NET in search engines, even if it seems to work better in Google nowadays.

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