My first screencast – automatic properties

I’ve recently been introduced to Dmitry Lyalin of Better Know a Framework. We’re getting together to do some screencasts, and the first one is now up. I’ll be embedding these on my C# in Depth site as well. The next one will be on object and collection initializers, then anonymous types. After that, we’ll see 🙂

Anyway, I’d be interested in comments. Things I know I want to do better:

  • Use a headset to get less hum on the narration (and fewer clicks etc)
  • Longer pauses between sections – they were recorded separately, but then put too close together

There’s not a lot I can do about sounding ridiculously posh, unfortunately – but don’t take that as a sign that I am posh.

I’d be particularly interested to know whether or not it’s helpful to hear the typing. I deliberately recorded the visual part with audio on (the narration was recorded before, then rerecorded after) so that you’d get the feeling this was “real” – but I don’t know whether it’s worth it or not.

Anyway, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “My first screencast – automatic properties

  1. I am also very happy to finally have this screencast up. Jon and I did a lot of hard work but its well worth it.

    I also look forward to any feedback on the quality of the host we are using. Therefore if anyone experiences connectivity problems on viewing the screencast or slow loading speeds please let us know where you are physically in the world and any other details.

    Enjoy the screencast, Jon does a really good job at introducing automatic properties.



  2. Well presented ;-p
    So when’s the self-narrated audio edition of C# in depth?

    > whether or not it’s helpful to hear
    > the typing
    IMO it adds a little context and stops it being too sterile; but if it adds too much work…

    > any feedback on the quality of the host
    Seems pretty capable (UK, with a fat pipe)

  3. I thought it was very well done—wouldn’t change a thing. (Except maybe a little more posh!)

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