Mandelbrot revisited – benchmark edition

I’ve had fun with the Mandelbrot set in this blog before, using it as an example of an embarrassingly parallelisable problem and demonstrating Parallel LINQ with it. This morning, over breakfast, I described the problem to Christian Brunschen, a colleague of mine who has some parallelisation experience through implementing OpenMP in a portable manner. He immediately suggested a few possible changes to the way that I’ve approached things. Given the number of different attempts I’ve now had, I thought it would make sense to write a litte benchmarking app which could easily be expanded as further implementations were considered. The … Continue reading Mandelbrot revisited – benchmark edition

The Beauty of Closures

Fairly soon I’m going to write a blog post comparing the different proposals under consideration for Java 7 when it comes to closures. I thought it would be worth writing some background material on it first though, so I’ve put an article on the C# in Depth site. I’m not entirely comfortable that I’ve captured why they’re important, but the article can mature over time like a good wine. The idea is to counter the Blub Paradox (which I hadn’t come across before, but I agree with completely – it’s part of the effect I believe Steve McConnell was fighting … Continue reading The Beauty of Closures