Speaking in Copenhagen, October 30th

I should have announced this earlier, but I’m delighted to report that on October 30th I’ll be speaking at a C# event in Copenhagen. Brian Rasmussen has organised a one day seminar which basically consists of me talking about C# all day and fielding questions.

That sounds like more fun for me than anyone else, but apparently enough people disagree that the event is already fully booked. Still, if you want to sign up in case anyone drops out, the registration page has the details.

My plan is to make it a verbal edition of C# in Depth, with as much interaction as possible. I’ll try to tackle C# 2 in the morning and C# 3 in the afternoon, possibly with some fun using Push LINQ and Protocol Buffers at the end, just to show how flexible LINQ is (even in-process LINQ). However, I’m hoping that my agenda will be derailed by the audience asking lots of questions and leading me down interesting alleys. That’s usually been the way of things in the past, and it makes the whole experience much more fun.

If you’re coming, please mail me with the kind of topics you’d like covered. The more input I get, the better the event is likely to be. I’m looking forward to it a lot…

2 thoughts on “Speaking in Copenhagen, October 30th

  1. Jon,

    If you can – do get the session recorded & put it online. I would like to see you talking (atleast in video).

    Hope to meet you in person sometime in future.

  2. Kalpesh: I believe it will be recorded, and I’ll certainly push to get it online. Admittedly 5 hours of sessions it will be a pretty big video, but hopefully fun nonetheless 🙂


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