DotNetRocks interview

Last Monday evening I had a chat with the guys from DotNetRocks, and today the show has gone live.

I wouldn’t claim to have said anything particularly earth-shattering, and regular readers will probably be familiar with many of the themes anyway, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you will too. Amongst other things, we talked about:

  • Protocol buffers
  • Implicit typing and anonymous types
  • Why it doesn’t bother me that Office hasn’t been ported to .NET
  • C# 4
  • My wishlist for C#
  • Threading and Parallel Extensions
  • Working for Google
  • How to learn LINQ
  • C# in Depth

Feedback welcome. And yes, I know I sound somewhat like a stereotypical upper-class idiot at times. Unfortunately there’s not a lot I can do about that. Only the “idiot” part is accurate 🙂

5 thoughts on “DotNetRocks interview

  1. I can’t really express how much I’m looking forward to the PDC sessions from the C# team. While I don’t think we’ll see anything like C# 4.0 RTM until end of 2009, it’ll be very interesting to see the team do some formal presentations.

  2. listened to it this afternoon & enjoyed it. is there actually a C# version of protocol buffers released yet? I had a quick browse of the source on google code but only saw python & java versions. I’d be interested in trying it out to see if we can use it to speed up some .NET binary remoting code we have.

  3. I also enjoyed it!! My only quibble is that they kept interrupting you with unrelated questions … but thats their style of interviewing.

    I discovered your blog only about a month ago while looking for reviews of a c# book I was curious about. I was shocked to see (hear) you get interviewed on dotNet rocks! Your perspective as a Java dev and C# expert is very interesting (and refreshing) in my view! I need to search through your past posts .. I’d love to hear you take on C# versus Java generics (and wildcards) and checked exceptions (java) vs. the C# approach.

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