November 19th: London .NET User Group, Push LINQ!

On November 19th, I’ll be speaking at the London .NET User Group about Push LINQ. I was quite pleasantly surprised by being able to explain it to some extent in Copenhagen, and this evening will be entirely about Push LINQ, so I’ll be able to go into a lot more detail. Skills Matter will be hosting the event (near Farringdon station). It starts at 6.30pm, and registration is now open.

Should be fun. Please come and heckle.

5 thoughts on “November 19th: London .NET User Group, Push LINQ!

  1. Great presentation last night, loved the humanLINQ.. very enlightening. Did you have a link to your MiscUtil (PushLinq) (PINQ?), could not find a link within your blogs?

  2. Great presentation last night. And after sleeping on it, I think I understand it a little better now also.

    Regarding the naming of IDataProducer, I’d suggest IDataPipeline. It doesn’t actually produce the data it is simply a queue/stream/etc. that the data moves along.

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