Epicenter 2010: quick plug and concessionary tickets

Just a quick update to mention that I’m speaking at Epicenter 2010 in Dublin on Wednesday, on Noda Time and C# Corner Cases. There are concessionary tickets available, so if you’re on the right landmass, please do come along. Don’t be put off by the fact that I’m speaking – there are some genuinely good speakers too. (Stephen Colebourne will be talking about Joda Time and JSR-310, in a session which I’m personally sad to miss – I’ll be talking about C# at the same time.) While I’m busy plugging events, I’m also extremely excited about NDC 2010 next week … Continue reading Epicenter 2010: quick plug and concessionary tickets

How do we raise our game?

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the Seattle area for work reasons. I took the opportunity to meet up with a lot of smart folks, including some working on the Reactive Extensions team and the C# team. I asked pretty much the same question of almost everyone: How is Microsoft intending to make developers smarter? Let me explain what I mean a bit more clearly… The problem Now, let me be quite clear: I only have visibility of a small section of the community. In particular, I get to see: Comments from blog readers Questions and answers on … Continue reading How do we raise our game?