Laptop review: Kobalt G150

EDIT, 17th October 2011: Last week Kobalt closed down… so the choice about whether or not I’d buy from them again is now moot. However, PC Specialist sells a very similar spec, now including the matte screen… As some of you will know, our house was burgled in April, and the thieves took three laptops (and very little else), including my main personal laptop. Obviously I ordered a replacement, partly covered by the insurance from my old laptop. However, I took the opportunity to spoil myself a little… I ordered a G150 from Kobalt Computers. Various people have taken an … Continue reading Laptop review: Kobalt G150

Upcoming speaking engagements

It’s just occurred to me that I’ve forgotten to mention a few of the things I’ll be up to in the near-ish future. (I’ve talked about next week’s Progressive .NET session before.) This is just a quick rundown – follow the links for more blurb and details. .NET Developer Network – Bristol, September 21st (evening) I’ll be talking about async in Bristol – possibly at a high level, possibly in detail, depending on the audience experience. This is my first time talking with this particular user group, although I’m sure there’ll be some familiar faces. Come along if you’re in … Continue reading Upcoming speaking engagements