Stack Overflow and personal emails

This post is partly meant to be a general announcement, and partly meant to be something I can point people at in the future (rather than writing a short version of this on each email). These days, I get at least a few emails practically every day along the lines of: "I saw you on Stack Overflow, and would like you to answer this development question for me…" It’s clear that the author: Is aware of Stack Overflow Is aware that Stack Overflow is a site for development Q&A Is aware that I answer questions on Stack Overflow … and … Continue reading Stack Overflow and personal emails

The future of "C# in Depth"

I’m getting fairly frequent questions – mostly on Twitter – about whether there’s going to be a third edition of C# in Depth. I figure it’s worth answering it once in some detail rather than repeatedly in 140 characters 😉 I’m currently writing a couple of new chapters covering the new features in C# 5 – primarily async, of course. The current "plan" is that these will be added to the existing 2nd edition to create a 3rd edition. There will be minimal changes to the existing text of the 2nd edition – basically going over the errata and editing … Continue reading The future of "C# in Depth"