Father of Three

I’m a dad again! Holly gave birth to Robin Peter (6lb 12oz) and William James (5lb 7oz) this morning at about 9.50. All are requiring a bit of TLC in different ways, but there’s nothing of any significant concern. Photos available from the twins’ web page.

Faith blog

I decided today that I could do with somewhere to dump random thoughts about my faith in the same way that I dump random thoughts about computing here. Clearly this isn’t the right place to do it, so I’ve set up a Faith Blog with Blogger. Some of you may be interested in it. Don’t let it bother you if not. This is the last you’ll hear about it unless there’s some topic which directly affects both areas.

Vista and External Memory Devices

Update – read the first two comments. I'm leaving the rest of the article as it is in order to avoid revisionism. The solution is in the first two comments though. According to the Windows Vista feature page, Vista is going to be able to use external memory devices (USB flash drives and the like to you and me) to act as extra memory to save having to go to the hard disk. I've heard this mentioned at a few places, and it's always asserted that EMDs are slower than memory but "much, much faster" than disks. This has just … Continue reading Vista and External Memory Devices

Worst product names ever?

A while ago, I decided that EasyMock.NET wasn’t quite up to scratch, and I was going to try to write a replacement. I’m not doing much .NET development at the moment, so it’s not an issue any more (and when I go back to .NET I’ll look at Rhino Mocks which sounds promising). However, I did get as far as picking a name for the new project. I settled on PowerMock in the end, but went through a pun worthy of Simon Tatham first… Firstly, it would have to start with “N” wouldn’t it? NUnit, NCover etc… Well, what sounds … Continue reading Worst product names ever?

ICloneable? Not quite…

I don’t usually post personal news on my blog, but this is fairly major. Some of you may know that my wife, Holly, is pregnant. What you won’t know – and what we didn’t know until today – was that we’re having twins. Eek! A lovely surprise, if somewhat scary. For those of you who like piccies, the scans are on my web site… Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go and lie down. And to think I was going to write up C# 2.0 features tonight…

Nice doc comment idea

I’ve just been reading the transcript of a whiteboard session with Anders Hejlsberg and one of the questions is really, really good: Question: My problem is I’ve got these XML doc comments that are duplicated. I just strip off one. I guess it would be a neat language feature to be able to somehow indicate this is my primary- my big method, right? With all the parameters. Then the other ones are just going to borrow that XML doc comment. Hejlsberg: Yes, okay. Now that I think is- that’s not a bad idea. That yes, they should be able to … Continue reading Nice doc comment idea

What kind of deadlock prevention do you want?

Okay, so I’m having another look at the alternative threading ideas which are part of my threading article. (They’re not that big an alternative really – not compared with CSP etc – they’d just make things more pleasant.) I want to add deadlock prevention to my locks, making it impossible to lock things incorrectly (so long as you’re locking the simple way – if you lock the associated monitor independently, that’s your own lookout). Obviously this requires you to set up what’s correct and what’s incorrect to start with. My question to you all is: how do you want to … Continue reading What kind of deadlock prevention do you want?

RSS for my articles

A friend suggested on Sunday that I create an RSS feed for my articles, so that interested parties would know when I’ve created a new one – so I’ve done it. It’s hand-crafted, so there may be a few wrinkles to iron out, but hopefully it will prove useful. It would be nice if there was a way of specifying the last time that an item had been updated (rather than the original publishing date). I can’t see anything like that in the spec but maybe I’ve missed something. The feed works in Thunderbird at least – let me know … Continue reading RSS for my articles