Let me first discuss my pet project, SRDF/CE for MSCS. What is SRDF/CE you ask? Well it is EMC’s geographically dispersed clustering software. SRDF/CE is an EMC proprietary product that is used to integrate EMC’s SRDF technology with MSCS. Basically, it is the glue that combines HA from MSCS with the DR capabilities of SRDF remote mirroring to form a true geographic clustering solution. Upon failover, SRDF/CE issues the necessary SYMCLI commands to automatically RW enable the devices at the DR site then allowing the disks to come online at the DR location. This provides a fully automated DR solution … Continue reading EMC SRDF/CE for MSCS

Welcome to my blog!

I’ve finally decided that it’s time to start a blog. Why? Well, it wasn’t only a bandwagon thing…I thought that this might help to keep me motivated to do some of the things that I’ve been intending on doing for many, many moons. I hope that if I put these plans in print, it might actually help force me to complete some if not all of these goals…and also I want to be cool like Rod and Russ <g>   About me   The main focus in my work life for the past seven years has been geographically dispersed clustering at … Continue reading Welcome to my blog!