Continuing my topic about geoclustering on a Clariion, we’ve recently discovered that my previous scenario that I tested can actually be FULLY SUPPORTED by Microsoft and EMC! Thanks to Edwin for pointing out the following entry in the Windows Catalog:


You might notice that this entry lists a product called MirrorView/CE v1.0 with MNS (sounds familiar). I’ve found that this is not an actual EMC product, but instead is a set of scripts that control the MirrorView LUNs. EMC requires that customers submit an RPQ for support for this type of configuration, but they certainly will support it. The local TSG resources can be commissioned to write a custom script that performs the necessary activities to facilitate failover. This is currently only supported using MirrorView/S, though I’m sure that it could also be supported with MV/A.

This is pretty cool stuff that’s been a long time coming.

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