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In a past life, I used to travel the globe delivering training classes to EMC personnel and a few select customers. This training was not widely known about and was only given to customers that begged for more knowledge about the product.


I am happy to announce that EMC is now offering a training class for SRDF/CE that is open to customers. Originally, this training was only available to employees, but we have since seen the error in our ways so this is now open to the public. The class is named “SRDF/CE for MSCS Implementation and Management” and details are available on (PowerLink account required for access). Classes are running about once or twice a quarter in the US and Europe. Here’s a basic overview of the objectives covered in this class:


  • Describe the benefits of SRDF Cluster Enabler for MSCS

  • Implement the SRDF/CE product into a typical geographical clustered environment

  • Transform an existing Microsoft cluster into a SRDF/CE configuration

  • Restore application availability after a disaster occurs within a SRDF/CE for MSCS environment

  • Perform ongoing administrative and operational tasks for SRDF/CE clusters

  • Perform SRDF/CE for MSCS troubleshooting

It’s a 5-day instructor led class with many hands-on labs. I helped to develop this class and I think we’ve created a pretty solid training experience. The class is based off my original training, though it has been updated for the more current releases of SRDF/CE. I would highly recommend attending this training if you’ve got SRDF/CE in your environment.


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