What applications are supported by SRDF/CE?

I often get asked if SRDF/CE supports various versions of Exchange or SQL, especially just after a new version is released. If you are one those that have asked, you have likely received my sarcastic, yet completely accurate answer that SRDF/CE does NOT support ANY applications other than MSCS. Hence the name, SRDF/CE FOR MSCS. There is only one application that SRDF/CE supports in a Windows environment and that is Microsoft Cluster Service.

If this seems too harsh, I can also accurately claim that SRDF/CE supports ALL applications that are supported in a Microsoft cluster. So if a new version of XYZ application comes out or if you want to know if a specific application is supported in an SRDF/CE cluster, my alternate answer is that SRDF/CE will instantly support this application/version with no qualification needed. I guess this sounds better to folks as there usually isn’t a follow up question after this answer.

I guess my point would be that the SRDF/CE product works to enable cluster disks so that they can be used over a distance with SRDF. SRDF/CE only cares about the disks and its own cluster resources. Any application that you wish to install in the cluster is up between MSFT and the application vendors to support. Anything that you can do in a normal cluster should be doable in an SRDF/CE cluster. The only real difference as far as cluster applications are concerned is that the failover time between nodes will be delayed while the SRDF magic occurs under the covers.

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