EMC MirrorView Cluster Enabler Released!

If you’ve read through some of my previous posts, you might have picked up on the fact that this product was coming soon. EMC has finally released an SRDF/CE equivalent for the Clariion arrays utilizing MirrorView. Sure, we’ve got other products for other clusters, but this is the first that fully integrates with Microsoft clustering and MirrorView.

This first release (named 3.0 to fool you [:)]) has some limitations as this is our first crack at Clariion support. Here are some of the requirements/limitations:

  • Support for Windows 2003 and 2008 clusters only. No 2000 support (thankfully)

  • Requires Clariion arrays to run Flare 26 or higher. Some arrays have a max Flare level of 19…RPQ might be needed for these arrays

  • Initial release supports MirrorView/S only. Future releases will look at adding MirrorView/A support, but initially it will be synchronous only

  • Only supports non-disk based quorum models. So your cluster has to be MNS (Node Majority) or MNS w/FSW (Node and File Share Majority). Clariion arrays do not have the same locking capabilities to perform their own geographical arbitration, so disk quorums are not supported

The software is currently available for download on EMC’s Powerlink web site. The software is listed under “Cluster Enabler for Microsoft Failover Clusters” and the product guide and release notes are currently under “MirrorView” (though this may change).

Also, if you’re attending EMC World this week, make sure you see the Cluster Enabler sessions and chat with the developers about these new releases.

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