New Whitepaper Published

Hot off the presses, the following whitepaper was recently published: EMC Business Continuity for Microsoft Hyper-V Enabled by EMC Symmetrix VMAX and SRDF/CE – A Detailed Review Enjoy!

Hyper-V Live Migration using SRDF/CE

Here’s a video demonstration about using Hyper-V Live Migration in a SRDF/CE cluster. You might notice that we are not using CSVs in this demo as SRDF/CE does not currently support CSVs. I’ll write more on that topic later on when I find the time. [View:] Direct link to the video

EMC Cluster Enabler Updates

It’s been a really busy month for us. This past month, EMC has released a new version of SRDF/CE, MV/CE and internally announced a new addition to the Cluster Enabler family. I don’t think it’s been publicly announced, so I’ll have to refrain from posting any details on the third item at this time.   SRDF/CE and MV/CE version 3.1 are now available for download on EMC’s Powerlink website. Here are the new features in these releases:     SRDF/CE v3.1  Hyper-V “host clustering” support. Not really a new feature…this is more of a qualification effort to ensure that this works. … Continue reading EMC Cluster Enabler Updates

Cluster Enabler 3.0 Released

EMC recently released the latest version of SRDF/CE for MSCS. This new release has the following changes:  New Name – The overall product line has been renamed to “Cluster Enabler” and the first product released in this line is SRDF/CE for MSCS. In the near future, MV/CE will be added to this family of products. Redesigned GUI – SRDF/CE GUI has been completely re-written for this release. The GUI in 3.0 has been simplified and wizards have been streamline, making it easier to configure. The SRDF/CE GUI is more tightly integrated with Cluster Administrator and functions like changing Quorum model … Continue reading Cluster Enabler 3.0 Released

Future Releases of SRDF/CE

It’s been far too long since I’ve written a blog post, mostly due to the holiday rush. There’s much going on in my world of geo-clustering with 2008 RC1 being released, and also there’s been some development activity for SRDF/CE. I’ve been asked questions many times in various forms about the future outlook of geo-clusters and specificly, the longevity of a product like SRDF/CE. Some ask if EMC has any plans to support 2008 cluster and other ask if the product is dying due to new application features such as Exchange CCR or SQL mirroring. I’ll address this second part first … Continue reading Future Releases of SRDF/CE

What applications are supported by SRDF/CE?

I often get asked if SRDF/CE supports various versions of Exchange or SQL, especially just after a new version is released. If you are one those that have asked, you have likely received my sarcastic, yet completely accurate answer that SRDF/CE does NOT support ANY applications other than MSCS. Hence the name, SRDF/CE FOR MSCS. There is only one application that SRDF/CE supports in a Windows environment and that is Microsoft Cluster Service. If this seems too harsh, I can also accurately claim that SRDF/CE supports ALL applications that are supported in a Microsoft cluster. So if a new version … Continue reading What applications are supported by SRDF/CE?

Quorum Arbitration in a Geographically Dispersed Cluster

Thanks to Oliver Simpson for his comments and his question…how does quorum arbitration work in a geographically dispersed cluster and how is this different between SRDF/CE and MirrorView. This is a great question and I hope I don’t bore you with too many details here. There are many storage vendors out there and I’m sure that they all have their own method of performing box to box replication and controlling access to these mirrors. With EMC SRDF, the source device is labeled an R1 device and the remote device is considered an R2 device. SRDF pairs can be manipulated by … Continue reading Quorum Arbitration in a Geographically Dispersed Cluster

SRDF/CE Training

In a past life, I used to travel the globe delivering training classes to EMC personnel and a few select customers. This training was not widely known about and was only given to customers that begged for more knowledge about the product.   I am happy to announce that EMC is now offering a training class for SRDF/CE that is open to customers. Originally, this training was only available to employees, but we have since seen the error in our ways so this is now open to the public. The class is named “SRDF/CE for MSCS Implementation and Management” and … Continue reading SRDF/CE Training


Let me first discuss my pet project, SRDF/CE for MSCS. What is SRDF/CE you ask? Well it is EMC’s geographically dispersed clustering software. SRDF/CE is an EMC proprietary product that is used to integrate EMC’s SRDF technology with MSCS. Basically, it is the glue that combines HA from MSCS with the DR capabilities of SRDF remote mirroring to form a true geographic clustering solution. Upon failover, SRDF/CE issues the necessary SYMCLI commands to automatically RW enable the devices at the DR site then allowing the disks to come online at the DR location. This provides a fully automated DR solution … Continue reading EMC SRDF/CE for MSCS