EMC Cluster Enabler Updates

It’s been a really busy month for us. This past month, EMC has released a new version of SRDF/CE, MV/CE and internally announced a new addition to the Cluster Enabler family. I don’t think it’s been publicly announced, so I’ll have to refrain from posting any details on the third item at this time.   SRDF/CE and MV/CE version 3.1 are now available for download on EMC’s Powerlink website. Here are the new features in these releases:     SRDF/CE v3.1  Hyper-V “host clustering” support. Not really a new feature…this is more of a qualification effort to ensure that this works. … Continue reading EMC Cluster Enabler Updates

EMC MirrorView Cluster Enabler Released!

If you’ve read through some of my previous posts, you might have picked up on the fact that this product was coming soon. EMC has finally released an SRDF/CE equivalent for the Clariion arrays utilizing MirrorView. Sure, we’ve got other products for other clusters, but this is the first that fully integrates with Microsoft clustering and MirrorView. This first release (named 3.0 to fool you [:)]) has some limitations as this is our first crack at Clariion support. Here are some of the requirements/limitations: Support for Windows 2003 and 2008 clusters only. No 2000 support (thankfully) Requires Clariion arrays to … Continue reading EMC MirrorView Cluster Enabler Released!


Continuing my topic about geoclustering on a Clariion, we’ve recently discovered that my previous scenario that I tested can actually be FULLY SUPPORTED by Microsoft and EMC! Thanks to Edwin for pointing out the following entry in the Windows Catalog: http://www.windowsservercatalog.com/item.aspx?idItem=4f28600a-1184-77a3-5768-7091f50227dd You might notice that this entry lists a product called MirrorView/CE v1.0 with MNS (sounds familiar). I’ve found that this is not an actual EMC product, but instead is a set of scripts that control the MirrorView LUNs. EMC requires that customers submit an RPQ for support for this type of configuration, but they certainly will support it. The local … Continue reading MirrorView/CE