August 2004

In Visual Basic 2005, the Upgrade Wizard has added several new features to continue to help you upgrade your Visual Basic 6.0 projects. The key improvements to the Upgrade Wizard in this version of Visual Basic include the support for upgrading some common Visual Basic 6.0 ActiveX controls, an additional project type, and a few […]

In this episode we talk with Jason Zander and Amnon Horowitz about the important improvements that have been added not only to Visual Studio 2005, but also to ASP.NET and the .NET Framework (v2.0) as well. Later, Rick LaPlante and Shanku Niyogi give us some hands-on examples of how these improvements can aid in the […]

This article discusses: a) How SQL injection attacks work b) Testing for vulnerabilities c) Validating user input d) Using .NET features to prevent attacks e) Importance of handling exceptions Yes…..This Security Topic is hot. I attended many seminar from Microsoft and showing how damagerous it is and how careless we are in the past. However, […]

As WinXP SP2 is going to be released and it change a lot to your Windows XP by applying a lot of security. These including These technologies include: a)Network protection b)Memory protection c)Improved email security d)Safer browsing To developers these technologies will have impacts on the applications that they create and the tools they use. […]

Read from Windows & .NET Magazine  and know that finally WinXP SP2 is going to be released. It is Build 2180. For MSDN Subscriber could be able to download soon. However, for this week, Only English and German version. Early next week Japanese version will be there too. And lately next week, you may found […]

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