What’s New with the Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard in Visual Basic 2005

In Visual Basic 2005, the Upgrade Wizard has added several new features to continue to help you upgrade your Visual Basic 6.0 projects.

The key improvements to the Upgrade Wizard in this version of Visual Basic include the support for upgrading some common Visual Basic 6.0 ActiveX controls, an additional project type, and a few language features that were not previously supported. It also targets some new Visual Basic 2005 features.


Upgrade Wizard from VB2005(sure it is including in VS2005 as well). Although this article is heading to those which are writen in VB6, it is still worth to read as I am sure that most of your application are still in VB6(many companies are not moved to .NET yet). How do I know? Well, my working company is using Oracle with ASP, Yes ASP, NOT ASP.NET yet. However, I am just in a small position and cannot ask the IT dept to change into ASP.NET. And I am sure that most of IT colleagues in my working company, never and never touch .NET yet. As I am also sure that they are not a good programmer. I have join this company for 3 more monthes and found there are many stupid Business Logic that they cannot solve since the Management team has asked for more than 1.5 years, However I can solve few within half days on each function by using VB.NET2003. See then power .NET gave us?

So…..same wording…..Get ready for the next wave.

The .NET Show: Preview New Features in Visual Studio 2005

In this episode we talk with Jason Zander and Amnon Horowitz about the important improvements that have been added not only to Visual Studio 2005, but also to ASP.NET and the .NET Framework (v2.0) as well. Later, Rick LaPlante and Shanku Niyogi give us some hands-on examples of how these improvements can aid in the productivity of developing various styles of applications.

Yes, it is the .NET Show for VS2005 now. I am not sure how many of you have tired VS2005(or its express Edition), But it is good to watch and at least get the most update information about this product. If you are one of my MCAD/MCSD students, please make sure that you watch it too.
Get ready for the next wave.

Data Security: Stop SQL Injection Attacks Before They Stop You

This article discusses:

a) How SQL injection attacks work
b) Testing for vulnerabilities
c) Validating user input
d) Using .NET features to prevent attacks
e) Importance of handling exceptions

Yes…..This Security Topic is hot. I attended many seminar from Microsoft and showing how damagerous it is and how careless we are in the past. However, I found out, most of my MCAD/MCSE students are not knowing this issue. And so…..Lucky that MSDN Magazine is talking about this in the currect Issue in Sept-2004.
Hurry go and read about it, get ready to change your code and your design from now on.

Developers will have impacts due to the WinXP SP2

As WinXP SP2 is going to be released and it change a lot to your Windows XP by applying a lot of security. These including These technologies include:

a)Network protection
b)Memory protection
c)Improved email security
d)Safer browsing

To developers these technologies will have impacts on the applications that they create and the tools they use. There are many codes that one may need to rewrite. So, don’t wait and go to check asap, found out what the area of update is and what your code has to changed for SP2
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WinXP SP2(final) Build 2180 will be released soon!

Read from Windows & .NET Magazine  and know that finally WinXP SP2 is going to be released. It is Build 2180. For MSDN Subscriber could be able to download soon. However, for this week, Only English and German version. Early next week Japanese version will be there too. And lately next week, you may found in the Windows Update(When is the Traditional Chinese version????). This SP2 will be including .NET Framework v1.1 Runtime Library and its size will be 272Mb(Good news as it is now only optional to download the .NET Framework Runtime Library).

More info….

However, From MVP Private newsgroup, I heard that there will be Build 2812 or 2813…..Well, Don’t know where/how they got the news, you may found it out once you have installed it.