Windows & .NET Magazine is going to Rename

Don’t know any of you is subscribing this magazine, but it is a good magazine which has many update info about windows & .NET related sever. I just know that this Magazine is going to rename, Reason? New Name? Read the following la….

As many of you already know, with our September 2004 issue, Windows
& .NET Magazine becomes Windows IT Pro.  This is not only a change
in name, but a new opportunity for Windows IT Pro to provide you with
more chances to participate and even more valuable resources to assist
you in your everyday information needs.

Over the past year we have been slowly developing a reader’s Advisory
Panel which has helped us with many of the changes you will be seeing
in our magazine and content beginning September 1st.  We would now
like to open participation in that on-going panel to a broader group of our
readers and would like to invite you to participate.

The Windows IT Pro Advisory Panel is already an influential group of
readers and web users who are called upon routinely to provide insight
and opinions about Windows IT Pro and advertiser products and
services, the IT industry as a whole, and many other characteristics of the
IT industry that are current and relevant.  Our editors and many of our
advertisers have grown to rely on the input of this group over the short
time our panel has been in existence.

We contact panel members on a weekly basis with brief, three to five
question inquiries, invitations to participate in Advisory Bulletin Board
discussions, and requests to complete on-line surveys. Occasionally, we
may even seek your insights in person in a focus group at conferences
such as Connections or Tech Ed (if we learn you plan to be there
anyway.)  Participants in many of the formats we use have told us they
are interesting and fun. In other words, we would like to maintain a
valuable and engaging relationship with you over time.  And the decision
to participate is yours each time we send a request.

As a reward for your participation in the Windows IT Pro Advisory
Panel we offer monthly and quarterly drawings for some of the T-Shirts,
caps and other fine memorabilia related to our magazine. (Some of those
may be collectables now!)  Many of the research projects themselves
also have incentives for participation that are more dependent on the
amount of time and effort required on your part. Again, we want to make
this process valuable to you as well.

If you would like to be a member of the Windows IT Pro Advisory Panel
please go to the URL shown on the bottom of this page and fill out the
enclosed registration form. We apologize that in some cases we may
already have much of this information in another form, but our systems
are not tied at this time.

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