WinXP SP2(final) Build 2180 will be released soon!

Read from Windows & .NET Magazine  and know that finally WinXP SP2 is going to be released. It is Build 2180. For MSDN Subscriber could be able to download soon. However, for this week, Only English and German version. Early next week Japanese version will be there too. And lately next week, you may found in the Windows Update(When is the Traditional Chinese version????). This SP2 will be including .NET Framework v1.1 Runtime Library and its size will be 272Mb(Good news as it is now only optional to download the .NET Framework Runtime Library).

More info….

However, From MVP Private newsgroup, I heard that there will be Build 2812 or 2813…..Well, Don’t know where/how they got the news, you may found it out once you have installed it.

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