What’s New with the Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard in Visual Basic 2005

In Visual Basic 2005, the Upgrade Wizard has added several new features to continue to help you upgrade your Visual Basic 6.0 projects.

The key improvements to the Upgrade Wizard in this version of Visual Basic include the support for upgrading some common Visual Basic 6.0 ActiveX controls, an additional project type, and a few language features that were not previously supported. It also targets some new Visual Basic 2005 features.


Upgrade Wizard from VB2005(sure it is including in VS2005 as well). Although this article is heading to those which are writen in VB6, it is still worth to read as I am sure that most of your application are still in VB6(many companies are not moved to .NET yet). How do I know? Well, my working company is using Oracle with ASP, Yes ASP, NOT ASP.NET yet. However, I am just in a small position and cannot ask the IT dept to change into ASP.NET. And I am sure that most of IT colleagues in my working company, never and never touch .NET yet. As I am also sure that they are not a good programmer. I have join this company for 3 more monthes and found there are many stupid Business Logic that they cannot solve since the Management team has asked for more than 1.5 years, However I can solve few within half days on each function by using VB.NET2003. See then power .NET gave us?

So…..same wording…..Get ready for the next wave.

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