Just read on an article from windows magazine, the author saying a lot about the original expected released date for some Microsoft Products. This is attracting me to read on it. Many of my friends and students keep asking me when the WinXP SP2 will be released. Well, it should be in the second week of the Aug 2004 from the latest news I got. Yes, again. Delay and delay again. But I can say, it is normal to IT Field. As a Developer, I did worked on many projects, and sure found out that the “True” or “Final” products always delay.

That article also point out few things, like…..Yukon suppose released on 2003, not 2005, the same as Longhorn. And the author point out that Microsoft keep polling our focus to Longhorn. But actually, there is another one after Longhorn—— Blackcomb. You may not heard of  this CodeName of product of Microsoft. But it is ture, I heard this codename and saw some presentation from Microsoft Hong Kong in the mid of 2001, when the WinXP just released in that time. The funny things is, the author voice out a question,  Longhorn was suppose to be a minor project, just a interim release on the way to Blackcomb?…….Originally expected in 2003, and recently delayed
until 2006, Longhorn might never ship.

After that, I search on google and found some interesting news, you may not believe, Longhorn will be only as a client product, Not the same as in the past, a project will be release on both Desktop and Server side.
I would like to say, ”Longhorn is really never ship(but in server side)”.

“Longhorn“ will be only in Tablet and MediaCenter Edition, as Graphic and Audio Area
“Blackcomb“ will be on Both WorkStation and Server Edition, as Functional Area

WinHEC 2003: Blackcomb to be Phased in Over Time [Updated]
Microsoft: Longhorn on the Desktop, Blackcomb on the Server
Windows Roadmap Leads to Longhorn in 2005

* Windows Server 2003 SP1–This release will feature an intriguing new roles-based Security Configuration Wizard, but like most other Windows-oriented products, SP1 is waiting on XP SP2. After the SP2 release to manufacturing (RTM), Microsoft can begin work on Windows 2003 SP1 in earnest. But promises of a late 2004 release now seem
unrealistic. Don’t expect this update until the first half of 2005.   
* SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio (VS) 2005–The next versions of SQL Server and VS will include various functional enhancements, but the most notable aspect of these products is how often they’ve been delayed. SQL Server 2005, previously code-named Yukon, was originally due in late 2003. It will now ship almost 3 years later. And I don’t have the space to discuss the Software Assurance (SA) concerns that arose in the wake of SQL Server’s delays.
* Longhorn–Does anyone else remember when Longhorn was a minor, interim release on the way to Blackcomb? Today, Longhorn’s everything-but-the-kitchen-sink philosophy appears poised to make this release the next Windows NT Cairo. And although I’m one of those rare proponents of Longhorn’s optional and misunderstood Palladium security technologies, I have to wonder what benefit these features can have if they never ship. Originally expected in 2003, and recently delayed until 2006, Longhorn might never ship. Again, it’s disheartening.