Something About SQL2005 with .NET2.0

1) No more extended Stored Procedure;

2) if only return Data, TSQL is faster than .NET; But for calculation, .NET is better;

3) SQL2005 cannot access assembly from GAC;

4) When creating DB objects use Managed Code, we will write the following,

                   “External Name AssemblyName.[[Namespaces].classname].MethodName”

    We have to be careful as it will be Case Sensative. Except AssemplyName, it will base on your DB locale. This is bad news for VB.NET Developer….

5) When create new type/function/aggregate, we may have to copy the dll from your VS project to the folder location of SQL2005 Management Studio for the query can be display your new type.

6) select * from sys.assembly_files, If you are deploying the SQL Project from VS tools, you may found out that all .NET files are deployed to SQL as well, even the .proj, .vb, .pdb…etc, but we may only need to use .dll.