VS 2005 Migration Toolkit(VSMT) & Win2003 Automated Deployment Services(ADS)

I wanna move my current computer which is running windows 2000 standard server as a virtual PC or Virtual Server image. After discuss with one of my MVP friends, I know that there is a tool from Microsoft which is called Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit. And by using this tools, I could migrate a physcial server into a virtual machine.

I then found out that one of the VSMT requirement is ADS. And now, I have stopped here, as One of requirement of ADS is having win2003 Enterprise Server in the network. However, my working enviroment only got win2003 Standard server in. So…No chance to try it.

Here is some useful link for VSMT and ADS.

Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2
In conjunction with Windows Server 2003, Virtual Server 2005 R2 provides a virtualization platform that runs most major x86 operating systems in a guest environment, and is supported by Microsoft as a host for Windows Server operating systems and Windows Server System applications. Virtual Server 2005 R2’s comprehensive COM API, in combination with the Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) format and support for virtual networking, provide administrators complete scripted control of portable, connected virtual machines and enable easy automation of deployment, and ongoing change and configuration.

Virtual Server Community(Including Blogs & KB)

Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit
A free, downloadable tool for Virtual Server 2005, Virtual Server Migration Toolkit (VSMT) simplifies the migration of an operating system and installed applications from a physical server to a server running within a virtual machine that is provided and managed by Virtual Server 2005. With Virtual Server 2005, you can set up multiple virtual machines running different operating systems and applications on the same physical computer.

Server Consolidation and Migration with VSMT
VSMT Whitepaper

Windows Server 2003 Automated Deployment Services
Learn about Windows Server 2003, Automated Deployment Services (ADS), a powerful solution for rapidly deploying Windows server operating systems onto bare-metal servers across large, scaled-out installations. With support for script-based mass server administration, ADS also enables administrators to administer hundreds of servers as if they were one.

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