March 2006

Last Sat, I help on MVP Booth in Microsoft Server Championship 2006. I took a lot of photos. Here thanks to Andy Kwok, Daniel Lai, Nori Chan and Richard Wu. With their help , we have done well. We talk a lot about MVP in HK. And sure we got lovely Long shirt from helping this […]

Just read from other blogs, about this UMPC, seems we developers also have to take care when building application on UMPC.   Other features: dual array microphones with noise reduction, stereo speakers, headphone jack, docking capability (some models), flip out stands (so you can prop them up and watch movies).The devices will run standard Windows […]

Just know it that MSDN has an article detailing the ten things to do to make your application a Vista app: Follow the Vista style guidelines, including Aero, Common File Dialogs, the Windows Vista Wizard, Task Dialogs, Rich Preview Handlers, and Live Icons. Use Windows Presentation Foundation to provide next-gen user experiences, including vector graphics, […]

    Wowow…..from last few days, I did mention a new mobile PC… there are more updates. There are already 3 companies would like to produce this mobile PC, they are ASUS, Samsung and Founder. I think most people may heard about first 2 companies. What is the third one? It is a company in […]

Well, these few days, I am ready and tried the new set of MOC course on .NET 2.0. However, I totally feel upset on it. I have experience on .NET 1.1, I started chapter one on   1) 2541: Core Data Access Development with Visual Studio 2005 (Three days) 2) 2543: Core Web Application Development […]