Microsoft Server Championship 2006

Last Sat, I help on MVP Booth in Microsoft Server Championship 2006. I took a lot of photos.

Here thanks to Andy Kwok, Daniel Lai, Nori Chan and Richard Wu. With their help , we have done well. We talk a lot about MVP in HK. And sure we got lovely Long shirt from helping this booth. Do you like it? And hope that there are more people know this Microsoft MVP program in HK. We are waiting to see more Microsoft MVPs in HK and get close together.


I talk about ebook on .NET 2.0 and MOC course materials with Nori Chan. And I do think that MOC for .NET2.0 is not a good material to learn it. I ask for the ebook from Nori Chan and hope  that I could get my upgrade path asap.


Peter Ty told me that my last blog about China, the editor is living in Japan and it might not be a good article about China this word. Well, I am not telling everyone that hte editor is correct or not, I am just giving a article that I got the result after searching. I also get some history information about this wording, sure there are lots of other explaination in the net. And which one is correct and which is not, this depends on what you think. As it is hard to find the REAL. From my point, I don’t think that it is an insult wording. My point is, some Chinese word are really just get the 拼音 directly from English word. ie, Coke Cola(可口可樂), Coffee(咖啡)…etc


Finally the result of the Microsoft Server Championship 2006 is released, Daniel Lai and his team get second. But it is not his fault as someone in his team, know nothing about Server trusting(but that guy can get second from SBS/Server … @@ … Interesting…) . If Daniel Lai has formed a team with good player, He must won. As you know, noone can say first if Daniel Lai said he is second MOM/SMS Specialist in HK. I think he is in First 5 in the world tin ah….Anyway, He still get $5,000 from it……..Oh….XBOX 360…..


In that morning, Daniel Lai has said that I can buy XBOX 360 too….Well, I think….only Tony know what I am being from my family. So….I can only say, Within this year, I have no chance to buy anything for my self, I don’t even have money to buy just a 512 Mb Ram, You can see how poor I am being(althought he does not believe. And many does not too.). But this is not my fault. I also wanna do saving, but I am still have no chance to clear my balance. Every month I got new request from family, sometimes, I do wonder if my family’s member think that I won a first prize from mark six? Anway I wish I can play XBOX 360 too….but….I don’t even have chance to play XBOX(anyone who has XBOX and also XBOX360, please borrow me the old one)…..Anyway…..I believe that tomorrow will be better(Sometimes I do feel….hopeless, being old and poor, youngers do not feel that, they have more life time do earn enough money).


After that I join the User Group’s meeting, we also discuss about the web hosting, the seminars for the coming years, and the MSDN flash in HK. Hope we will be dding well in this coming year. And i hope that we could work closer and better together.


Suppose that I join my frd’s birthday party after the meeting, however, i was too tired and I left at 11:30pm. After home, I go bath and sleep right away. So so so tired.



Other Features on UMPC

Just read from other blogs, about this UMPC, seems we developers also have to
take care when building application on UMPC.


Other features: dual array microphones with noise reduction, stereo speakers,
headphone jack, docking capability (some models), flip out stands (so you can
prop them up and watch movies).

The devices will run standard Windows software, and Windows XP Tablet edition,
and will be Vista ready, minus Aero Glass. However, they will be supplemented
by Touch Pak, which adapts Windows for smaller screens with larger screen
elements and other features, including an onscreen keyboard called DialKeys,
which “creates an overlay of keys for typing, using the screen’s touch sensitivity”.
You can type with just two thumbs.


Another feature is the program launcher, making it easier to find and run programs
(after all, the Start menu doesn’t exactly scale). Scroll bars and icons will be larger,
as well as the minimize and maximize buttons, and defaults thumbnail views in
folders, so you can run everything with your fingertips. It also comes with Sudoko,
which is just a happy bonus.


You can change the program launcher backgrounds for practically anything,
and there are a bunch over here. There’s also a new Media Player theme
called Brilliant Black:


These devices will need more battery life and better looks to sell. Gizmodo has a video
of them using the Samsung Q1, and it looks like a Creative Portable Media Center
running XP, with a larger screen. It has an ethernet port, two USB ports, audio out,
compact flash, volume control, a bunch of face buttons (including back and menu),
VGA-out, and, weirdly enough, an antenna. <<<Click to watch The video>>>

Making Your Application a Windows Vista Application: The Top Ten Things to Do

Just know it that MSDN has an article detailing the ten things to do to make your application a Vista app:

  • Follow the Vista style guidelines, including Aero, Common File Dialogs, the Windows Vista Wizard, Task Dialogs, Rich Preview Handlers, and Live Icons.
  • Use Windows Presentation Foundation to provide next-gen user experiences, including vector graphics, multimedia (audio and video), animation, 3-D modeling, advanced text rendering, and document support.
  • Use virtual folders and Vista’s new search
  • Make sure your app can run in least priveleges mode
  • Use Vista’s IT APIs, including Event Logging System, Transactional File System, Function Discovery, Application Recovery, and ClickOnce installation.
  • Use Windows Error Reporting
  • Use the Vista networking subsystem, including Vista’s P2P
  • Use the Vista RSS platform, including the shared feed list
  • Use XML-based document packaging to better share and integrate document data
  • Use mobility features, like Network Location Awareness to change what your app does depending on what network the machine is currently hooked up to, Device Synch, Tablet PC features, Windows SideShow, and power management libraries

(via Old New Thing)

Also, someone asks in the MSDN forums about Segoe UI. Segoe UI is the new Windows Vista UI font, and the one programs should default to for most things. Sadly, as Raymond Chen answers to the poster, the standard MS Shell Dlg, which maps to the current system font of MS Sans Serif, won’t work, since Segoe UI has different metrics. As a result, you can’t use MS Shell Dlg and trust the OS to do the work for you, you have to program for Segoe UI.

You should. Its a great font.

New wave for Mobile+PC ——> The Ultra-Mobile PC



Wowow…..from last few days, I did mention a new mobile PC… there are more updates. There are already 3 companies would like to produce this mobile PC, they are ASUS, Samsung and Founder. I think most people may heard about first 2 companies. What is the third one? It is a company in China, yes, China….Amazing.


Asus R2H: Innovative Solution for a limitless tomorrow with built-in high-resolution webcam, integrated GPS, fingerprinter, SD Card reader, and Camera, the R2H is Asus’ ultra mobile PC (UMPC) that is designed to fulfill the increasing need for an all-in-one device that enables professionals to stay connected, productive and secured on the go. The R2H platform personifies mobility, security, ease of use, and reliability in a cool stylish design.


Founder’s Mini-Note: China’s first Ultra Mobile PC. The Founder Mini-Note features a 7″ WVGA screen, 30-60 GB 1.8″ hard disk, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, two USB2.0 ports, and weighs slightly over 800 grams. Founder is targeting both consumer and commercial segments with its 7″ UMPC. On the consumer front, Founder is pursuing frequent travelers, students, and fashion conscious females by delivering a cool stylish design. On the business side, Founder is targeting automotive, healthcare, and banking. Additionally, this platform makes for a nice gift and is available from many gift giving stores.



Samsung’s Q1: A revolution in the digital convergence era slim, sleek and shining through with features, the Samsung Q1 is designed to match the demands for high performance mobile computing and the desire for digital convergence. Featuring fully functional PC power, instant multimedia, car navigation and the latest wireless technologies, all displayed on a stunning 7″ touch screen. And at <800 grams, you can take it everywhere and do everything. With the Samsung Q1, it’s not hard to imagine.



The Ultra-Mobile PC


Go everywhere

The Ultra-Mobile PC is portable, lightweight, and configured to connect on the go. It’s the device that you’ll always want with you.

Do everything

Featuring full Microsoft Windows XP functionality and the ability to touch, write, or type, the Ultra-Mobile PC is a powerful companion that lets you communicate, accomplish your tasks, and stay entertained and informed wherever life takes you.


With the UMPC you can take the Internet to places you never thought before.

A thing of the future…now!

YOU CAN get information on the hottest sales and promotions at the Mall while you drive by.

YOU CAN compare prices online while you are visiting a store and make the right decision.

YOU CAN get GPS information while driving or walking.

YOU CAN do email, or monitor work while standing in line at the DMV or at any other place you usually got bored at waiting and wasting your time.

YOU CAN surf the internet for the latest news while cooking in the kitchen.

YOU CAN download your music, videos, TV shows, photos and email, chat, IM friends…all from a small, thin device that fits in your purse!

Asus UMPC Price

After hearing the Samsung UMPC was expected to be realeased with a US$1,109 price tag, I was wondering what my favorite UMPC at the moment was going to be priced….


Heres the deal on basic UMPC specs:

* Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005, with Windows Touch Pack

* Intel Celeron M, Pentium M, or possibly VIA C7-M processor

* 256MB of RAM and up

* 800×480 (minimum) resolution

* 7″ (diagonal screen)

* 30GB hard drive, or more (50GB and 60GB to be common)

* US$600-1,000 price tag

* USB inputs, Integrated touch panel, WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled


Here’s the deal on the Asus specs:


1.3-megapixel front mounted cam for WiFi video conferencing

900MHz Celeron M

SDIO slot on top The ASUS Security Protect Management (ASPM) uses a special fingerprint sensor, which analyses not only the skin surface but the fabric beneath it.


Few MOC courses content for .NET 2.0

Well, these few days, I am ready and tried the new set of MOC course on .NET 2.0. However, I totally feel upset on it. I have experience on .NET 1.1, I started chapter one on



I can only tell yuo, they are worthless. After reading the first chapter, Start the lab, I totally don’t know what I can do. There is no step by step to show me HOW TO. Then… hands are stoped….and thinking….how to do it……or…what I should do it……


Feel sad on these course in .NET 2.0. I am sure, when I am going to teach thses course in the coming years, I am sure that students will ask me a lot of questions on …..HOW TO!!!!!


P.S., I wanna ask… can I install Northwind this sample DB in SQL2005? I have to get the DB Backup from SQL2000?