First hand on Vista 5365

Wow, finished installed Vista 5365 into my Virtual PC 2004 with Virtual Server R2 Addition. The installation process is much much better and more information than few previous build. And the performance under VPC2004 is still…..BAD, althought it has been improved.


In this build with VPC, the Aero Glasses Effect cannot be enabled. I fonud out that the SideBar is disable when first start after installation. But I remember that AndyK said that it is enabled by default for this build…..interesting. I tried to add a new gadget, CPU resource gadget, so cool. I also tried  the Weather gadget, however it does not work, may be the connection in VPC is not well configured yet. I also tried to start MCE console from VPC, funny that it pops up an error telling me that my VRAM is only 16Mb which is not enough for MCE, but the setup console then still come up and let me setup the MCE. But this error message will never be come up again.

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