May 2006

  Nothing to do today, Heard few topics, 2 of them are boring and I was going into asleep. The speaker was bad, the content is bad. Well. tonight I am going out with my 3 SG friends. As I blog last year, they were my uni schoolmate. All got married. They are coming at 7pm. […]

This is the first day that we have training. Due to the late sleeping last night, this morning I suppose have to wake at 7am and get to cafe for the breakfast at 7:30am to 8:30am. But I am late wake at 7:50am, a bit hurry to finished my fast breakfast within 25 mins. That […]

Arrive SG la. I use about 1 hour to get to the Arrival Exit from Aeroplane, I have to do the scanning on my package after the plane, interesting, SG security is higher than other country(including US). I then found no person to pick me up, i go around, from one end of airport to […]

Today, I follow the sample on creating the Microsoft Gadget for Vista Sidebar, the sample article are based on Vista Feb CTP, I follow the article and created folder with “.gadget” extention, created xml and html file. I don’t even try the transparent yet. But….It does not work and I cannot add it to […]

Last Sat, Jack was wondering a special feature on Vista, it is “using your USB Flash drive” to be the ad-hoc extra memory for your computer. He mention that the “transfer rate” should be faster from Harddisk than from USB or from USB Flash Disk. And after searching, I found the MAIN is…..random read/write speed. […]

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