Microsoft’s Domain Service Goes ‘Live’ !!!

Microsoft said late Tuesday that its Custom Domains service had officially launched, making it the third Windows Live project to come out of beta. The service allows a customer to use a custom domain name with Windows Live Mail and Hotmail.

Windows Live Custom Domains is a free service, just like other Live offerings from the company. Additionally, with the final debut, Microsoft has launched a new feature called “open membership.”

More Windows Live services are expected to come out of beta through the rest of the summer. Microsoft has said over 20 new services are currently planned for the Live platform( Windows Live Ideas).

Windows Live Custom Domains

Do you own an Internet domain name? Custom Domains provides free hosted e-mail for your domain.
  • E-mail accounts for everyone. Create an unlimited number of accounts in your domain.
  • New e-mail features. Everyone at your domain will get an MSN Hotmail account. These accounts can upgrade for free to the new Windows Live Mail beta, which offers 2GB of storage and enhanced security features.
  • Use it for Windows Live Messenger and more. E-mail addresses at your domain can also be used for instant messaging and other services on the MSN and Windows Live network.
  • No hassle or fuss. Your e-mail is hosted by Microsoft, so there is no need to buy or manage e-mail servers.
  • Flexibility. The optional software development kit lets you choose how Custom Domains works with your website or application.

Project Glidepath Public Beta has Launched


Visit to participate in the Microsoft MicroISV Evangelism program that delivers an in-Visual-Studio experience providing the workflow-based guidance, sample code and technology to create applications for Windows Vista.

Project Glidepath delivers workflow-based guidance, code, templates and other content via a software factory, a Visual Studio add-in, consisting of tools for building a product which is a member of a product family.

Project Glidepath’s product family is defined as “applications for Windows Vista including applications that use .Net Framework 3.0 technology on down-level operating systems”.

Applications built with Project Glidepath focus on making their core application logic reusable so that the user experience can be delivered on many platforms (desktop, mobile, web).


First hand on Windows Live Mail Desktop (Beta)



Well, I have been approved to download and try the Windows Live Mail Desktop, the build I downloaded is v8.0.0774. I installed and try to login by using my Windows Live ID and I got a lot of error, including cannot migrate my OE6 folders/files to WLMD, and also cannot find my Microsoft Live ID, and also cannot synchronize my folders/files from Windows Live(same as Hotmail).

And the outlook of WLMD is cool, much like Office Outlook, and also I can access Newsgroup from WLMD. However, I found out that I cannot adjust the width of the right panel. And I found it out that it is the area for Advertisement. If you are a paid user in Hotmail or later the Windows Live, then you have choose to disable the Advertisement panel.

As it is still in Beta, so error sometimes come up.

FirstTime_Login_Error11.JPG FirstTime_Login_Error21.JPG FirstTime_Login_Error31.JPG Install_WLMD11.JPG Install_WLMD21.JPG Install_WLMD31.JPG WLMD_Transfer1.JPG WLMD_Synch_Error1.JPG WLMD_Login1.JPG WLMD_FrontPage1.JPG

Windows Live Spaces is coming!

Reading from MSN Spaces Team Official blog, found out that MSN Spaces will also change into Windows Live Spaces, and they will add some new and exciting functionality to yoru spaces. I specially love their new Friends Module which allow me to add more friends. Here is their original detail,

Hey Spaces fans,

Windows Live Spaces is arriving soon! Not only will your Space adopt the cool new Windows Live look & feel, but you will also be able to add new and exciting functionality to your space. With the addition of the Friends Module, you can create a place to hang out with your friends.

The Friends Explorer, which will be integrated with and accessible through Windows Live Messenger, will enable you and your friends to explore others and create new friendships.

You’ll notice some changes we’ve made to the header, including the replacement of the current text ad links with banner ads across the top. Of course, as always, if you prefer to see no ads at all in your space, remember you always have the option to switch them off as a subscriber.

In addition, your title and tagline will no longer be limited to the Spaces header. Instead, you can choose to display the title and tagline of your space as a module and have it appear wherever you want it to in your space. Removing the title from the header means you have more freedom and control over things like your space title and navigation to stuff in your space. Instead of always being stuck at the top, you can place them wherever you want.

The introduction of breadcrumbing and an optional new navigation module will enable you and your visitors to easily navigate through your space.

We are also going to offer many new ways to express yourself and customize your space. You’ll be able to add mini-applications called Windows Live Gadgets developed by the community for the community. Can’t find headlines, games, or other gadgets that reflect YOUR personality? Build your own gadget or bribe a techie friend to do it for you!

Of course with all this great stuff, we also have to make some changes to our URL structure. As Greg Phipps blogged about last month, your URL will be changing one final time with the switchover to Windows Live Spaces. Don’t worry though, we are working hard to make this as seamless as possible for you and the visitors to your space.

Here’s a glimpse of what the new Windows Live Spaces will look like:

* Note text & UI may change.

Thanks for making Spaces your home. We’re working hard to get this created for you and we hope you’re as excited as we are!

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

The Spaces Team

I want more Windows Sidebar Gadgets!!!

There are few Windows Sidebar Gadget comes with Windows Vista. However, have you try to find more gadgets? You may reach , and browse to the Gallery tab and find the gadgets which fits your want. However, they are gadgets if you look carefully.

I found a new site, there are really many gadgets for Windows Sidebar. You may be try to browse there and download any one of them. There are 10 gadgets now, but it may be more when day is passing. If you are sidebar gadget developer, you may also submit your gadget and Microsoft may publish it on that webpage too.


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