Correction of URL for Windows Workflow Foundation Resources page in

I am going to be guest speaker for Microsoft HK to the ISV about Windows Workflow Foundation. The first sign come to my mind that I should go to search the information is But then I found out that the URL in the Resources Tab under Windows Workflow Foundation in is incorrect and it only redirect you to the default page of the Windows Workflow Foundation in MSDN site After I look carefully at the redirect URL link, I would like to correct them here and I wish Windows Workflow Foundation team could update them.


1) Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation by David Chappel


2) Getting Started with Windows Workflow Foundation by Dino Esposito



From the above sample correction, you may found out 2 points and you could apply for other resource link,
1) changing from into

2) changing WWF into WF only. In the past Microsoft is naming Windows Workflow Foundation as WWF, but somehow reason, now Microsoft only called it as WF only.

Useful Link:

Vista: Glass in C# (Original post by Daniel Moth)

Found some good article from chatting with Some other MS MVPs in developer. I found this very good artcle which I would like to be share with you if you wanna try.


We looked at glass in Vista previously so please read that to make sure we are on the same page and using the same terminology… I’ll wait…

Great, now that you are back, let’s see how to get glass in our C# applications. For starters, if glass is supported and enabled on the user’s PC, then your non-client area will by default get the glass effect. In other words, the titlebar and borders will have glass (nothing more for you to do). The question is how to extend that into the client area like other OS applications do (as we saw last time).

There are 3+1 things we need to do:
1. Check that it is supported before proceeding further.
2. Extend the frame into the client area.
3. Paint the extended area black.

4. Allow the user to drag our window by pressing in the glass area as if they were pressing on the window’s caption bar.

(you may view the full story in


Download a complete sample here.

Windows Live Favorites – Beta No More!

This is an old news, I just found it out when browsing around. In 15th, June 2006, the Live Favorites Team, are happy to announce that as of today Live Favorites is officially released as a V1 product… Beta No more!

A little while ago we put into production our final V1 service and web site.

Check it out: Windows Live Favoties Blog