September 2006

Pre-Order Price List from Amazon (taken on 31/8/2006 and all prices are in USD): Full versions– Windows Vista Home Basic: $199– Windows Vista Home Premium: $239– Windows Vista Business: $299– Windows Vista Ultimate: $399 Upgrade versions– Windows Vista Home Basic Upgrade: $99.95– Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade: $159– Windows Vista Business Upgrade: $199– Windows Vista […]

If you are trying to install Windows Vista RC1 in VMWare Workstation, you may see setup appear to hang on the text-mode screen that says "Windows is loading files…". Actually what has happened is that Vista Setup is already in graphics mode trying to do things, but something about the way it switches the display […]

Windows Vista RC1 has been released to Beta Testers for almost a week, and it is also becoming public download since today(as Patrick S blogged, click here for detail). ATI and Nvidia has also released their most update display driver for Windows Vista RC1. You may download them and install into your Windows Vista RC1. […]

Build 5536.16385 (released 24/08/2006)This is Pre-RC1, Unlike Beta 2, only the x86 (32bit) version of 5536 is made available. However, the 32bit version will run fine on 64bit CPU's. This pre-RC1 build is available for a limited time – Microsoft will close the program when they reach 100,000 downloads. Build 5600.16384 (released on 01/09/2006)Now it […]